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Search Engine Optimization

Gaining position in the search engines is very difficult but if you don't do it and your competition does, you'll be left behind. Your competition will get all the business and you'll be wishing you had begun seo long ago


Wordpress Maintenance

You can do everything right and still the hackers can get into your site.  If you don't keep your plugins up to date. they can offer the hackers a way into your site. Once they get in they can do whatever they want to do.. 


Paid Advertising

You can have your website in front of your customers today. Paid advertising can get you traffic right away but you have to get it right or you'll end up losing more money that it's worth.  Do is at the same time you do seo

Need Traffic Or To Speed up Your Website

Features you might be interested in

Maintenance - Monitor - Optimize - Conversion


Monitoring your traffic and position in search

Watch over my shoulder as I take you on your journey to generate new traffic to your website. You can do this because I set up a dashboard that gives you real time results.  You'll watch as your traffic increases which means conversions go up too.  Never wait for a report again. Now you can see everything as it changes any time you want on the dashboard I'll create for you. 


Regular maintenance for a healthy website

Updates though-out your site need to be done on a regular basis. Sometime those updates are to fix a security problem. Many times failing to update software can lead to vulnerabilities to your site.  Just in case something does happen you site should be backed up regularly. 


Optimization for all content involved in your Digital marketing 

From your website to your social sites to your email campaign and even your follow up. All your marketing material should be optimized for the maximum amount of conversions.  Conversions are the goal of any content you put out asking people to visit your site and purchase a product or a service. 

Build a cool looking website with great information

Cutomers will respond when you give them the information they need. 

There are many people providing SEO services, they want you to believe they're the best choice. It's a tough job figuring out  which company is the best choice to take your marketing to the next level. I think I can make your ROI grow and if I don't think I can I will let you know why. 

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