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Al's Las Vegas SEO Co provides services for all businessEverything comes down to traffic but not just any traffic, you need targeted traffic, People looking for your business, seeking your service or product.That's what seo will do for you. When people search for a solution to their problem you'll be there to helpI have a plan for you it's called Al's Las Vegas SEO Plan number one. Adapting this plan to your situation will catapult your website into the top spots, high into the top spots where the money exists. I custom fit the plan to fit your website and traffic needs. Your website must have traffic, people looking for your service. I specialize in Search Engine Optimization and I can get you the traffic you need.To get the traffic to your website we have to convince Google and the other search engines that you deserve a place at the top. We do this by explaining exactly what your website is about. We do this with code just the way they want it.Next I work on your popularity around the web. Google won't just believe us when we tell them about your website. They need some confirmation that it is what we say. The only way to convince them is by getting endorsements from other websites with a long standing reputation. Google knows that reputable sites won't link to yours without a good reason. But when they do it's very powerful in Google's eyes so they give you some credibility which is what moves you up higher in ranking.Many people think there is some trick to doing seo. The only trick involved in SEO is the trick of telling google what your site is about. You have to explain to Google that you're the best choice to move up the search results. Being in the top search results could potentially be worth many new customers to your business. I've seen many businesses survive solely on the internet traffic they get. Without doing search engine optimization you're pretty much doomed to stay in the bottom because so many of your competitors are spending money to get theirs done.

What SEO is Not

SEO is not marketing, we don't sell your product for you. Seo is simply getting your information in front of the right people. We can help you get your message right by testing but marketing is a whole different job.

What Search Engine Optimization Is

Optimization of your website starts with the content and how it's presented to the search engines. Do you have a good title (Add an image of a page with titles and another of a tab with the title in it.) Does your page talk about what you do clear enough for Google to understand what the page is about. Do you have inner pages that talk about your other products or services. You shoule have a blog that keeps the website fresh and answers questions your customers might have.You should have a social presence and a way for customers to interact with you. At the very least you should have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. It's also advisable to begin asking for emails so you can get new products and news out quick to your customers.

Google My Business

Google and other search engines offer a free local listing for your business. It's called Google my business. I'm sure you have seen these listings when you search. They are located on the side of the page ( show an image of a locat GMB listing.)

Tracking Results

Tracking results is the most important thing you can do. We set up Google analytics so you can see where your customers come from and what they do on your site. Tracking customers though your site will let you know which content is working and which is not.


Monthly reporting is provided to let you know exactly what I am doing and how your site is responding.